How to Easily Save on Travel, Whenever You’re Ready for Your Next Trip


Travel has changed. Life has changed. But the age-old desire for getting something really great without all the effort? That hasn’t changed. Read on for a really easy way to get more vacation for less—way less—whenever you’re ready get out and start exploring the world again.

It starts with the floss-thin tightrope of decision fatigue: Sensible shoes or I’m-going-to-scream-with-every-step-I-take-today boots? Should you send that “per my last email” email before you leave for the day? Do you google “how many cups of coffee are too many cups of coffee” during that agonizing 2:30 slump, or just plunge right into cup number 34?

选择似乎从来没有好好休息,但让你感觉像你需要一个。厉害。选择是工作。特别是在工作。我们得到它:有时感觉就像你一天赚4000点的决定。你不知道。实际上,你做35000. It’s no wonder you can never decide what to Postmates for lunch.

Drop your decision count to 34,999 and let us figure out the primo place for you to stay on your next trip, whenever you’re ready to take it. Leave the work at work and we’ll handle it by finding you the best deal in the best spot with Hotwire Hot Rates, so you can save a ton of cash and spend more time not working. That’s what we do best—give you giant savings on what you wanted anyway. Well, what you wanted, but even better. Throw those cute-but-pinch-y boots (and maybe some comfy socks) into your roller bag and take yourself out of town with a magical mystery booking AKA a Hotwire Hot Rate deal.

Read on to find out what mystery bookings are, how it all goes down, and why you should actually care. (Spoiler: They’ll save you a boatload of time and money.)

What are mystery deals?

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Mystery bookings are nothing like scraping off the brown stuff. This time, the mystery is fun. Fun because it means you’re paying less for more. Balling on a budget. Getting champagne when you’re paying for a bottom-shelf beer. That your neighbor made. In his unfinished basement—an area that should maybe stay shrouded in more mystery than Area 51.

Also called opaque deals, here’show Hotwire Hot Rates work:告诉我们你想要的区域留在,你想获得幻想,也许设施(游泳池,任何人吗?),你不能没有,然后离开剩下的交给我们如何。而已。待办事项列表进行检查。把它扔进垃圾桶,并设置(隐喻)火垃圾箱,因为你的工作都是在这里完成。我们在游戏中最好的酒店工作,所以你不必担心你会用一种期待还是现实米姆的“现实”侧结束。


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酒店你浏览bookin保持匿名g process, but don’t worry—you’ll know exactly what’s included and the neighborhood you’re staying in—you’ll just get the name of your newly reserved place after the booking is complete. And that’s how we get you killer discounts without an ounce of drama. It’s all about the power of the mystery deal.


So, how do you get the best hidden deals for hotels? It couldn’t be easier: Leave all the work to us, while you get busy not working.


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Our Hotwire Hot Rates take all the work out of booking your next trip. Not that we’re in the business of getting in your business, but we can guess you have enough work in your life. And we’d like to help you not work—both by saving you enough money to travel more, and by taking the research out of booking a choice hotel.


We show you the best deal on exactly what you want so you don’t have to do exhaustive searches on all those other sites. We do the work comparing the best hotels at the best prices. You pick your price and save cash and all of that time.


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有有趣的奥秘,还有那种that keep you up at night. Sleep ruiners? Trying to figure out who keeps stealing your lunch from the communal work fridge. Maybe it’s time to get out of town and deprive your coworkers of their ill-gotten snacks. It’s time for fun. Booking mystery deals with a Hotwire Hot Rate is the kind of mystery that will leave you smiling.

You know the neighborhood you want. You picked it. You know the star-rating you want. You can’t believe you got it for that twee little price, but you picked it. You read the reviews. They’re glowing. You perused the amenities. They’re more bountiful than a grandma’s hard-candy dish. You know what’s nearby. The area sounds almost too fun to be true, but it’s not. You have the information you need to make this mystery all reward and no risk.

Save the risks for cutting out of work at 4:32 on Friday afternoons, and take the non-risk of using Hotwire Hot Rates to book. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done of finding the very best mystery deal for your next getaway. The only thing left for you to do? Maybe buy some new boots with all the money you’ll save.

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