When it comes to keeping a relationship vibrant, I am against vegging out, especially if it’s binge-watching some television series for hours on end. In order for relationships to remain healthy, they require meaningful communication between the two partners. If your brains are both in a vegetative state, then how much is being communicated between the two of you?

One reason people don’t communicate is that they run out of interesting, brain-stimulating topics. That’s understandable, but then you must take positive steps to fix that situation. And here’s an easy solution: go on a “quickie” vacation.



The survey also showed that 53% of those who have taken a 2-3 night “quickie” getaway have experienced a sense of improved well-being – including happier moods and a more fulfilled outlook on life, with 95% having experienced some kind of emotional benefit.

While what you do during a vacation is important in judging its quality, so is what you bring home. Will you be talking about what you did for the coming weeks? For that to happen, you have to visit places that offer brain food like museums, plays and historical sites. You could also take classes in cooking, art or anything else that interests you. If your vacation involves sitting by a body of water, then I recommend you both read books on the same topic that fascinates the two of you, and then compare what you’ve learned from your book over dinner or after making love.

Hotwire also recently listed the best destinations for a quickie trip, comparing over 10,000 data points based on cost, convenience and things to do. Here are some of my favorites:

Santa Fe, New Mexico是可爱的城市有很多的经验和一个必须停止对那些寻求刺激他们都智力和性欲是欧姬芙博物馆。格鲁吉亚画了许多西方的风景,但她最著名的是她的花。如果您没有看到她的主题和性别之间的联系,好了,让我们把这种方式,我相信你会的。

I know a lot of people visitNew Orleans, LAbecause of the food and drink, but if you overindulge in either or both, you might ruin the romantic mood. However, it’s also one of the music capitals of the world, and listening to music does wonders for the brain. It releases endorphins and other chemicals and brings you closer together while subduing negative emotions. So if you find yourselves holding each other while you’re enjoying some great jazz, maybe it’s time to head back to your hotel for a quickie before hitting the streets that never sleep again for some more entertainment.

Philadelphia, PAdelivers so much American history right to the doorstep of that Hotwire Hot Rate hotel deal you booked. While you might not consider Ben Franklin sexy, he was actually a babe magnet in his time. So as you walk the streets of Philadelphia, try to learn a bit more about this aspect of the man who said “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise,” because clearly he has many lessons to offer.

大学城,就像Austin TX要么麦迪逊,WImay have a lot of bars, which means there’s plenty of nightlife, but they also have campuses that are worthy of exploration. Visit one of the libraries that don’t require an ID and role-play your hot librarian fantasy later that night.

Of course, the place I choose to call home,纽约,NY,拥有一切与博物馆,剧院,美味的食品,夜总会等。但是,如果你正在寻找一些能添加到您的关系,后来干脆走的主要途径会做的伎俩。纽约有不一样的地方在世界上毫无疑问别的活力,它正在迎头赶上。只要记住,如果你可以让爱在那里,你会被设置为做爱的任何地方!

需要更多的旅行inspiration? The last-minute travel experts at Hotwire collaborated with 21 of their top destinations on the “America’s Best” Index to create custom “quickie” itineraries to help guide travelers to the must-see’s and must do’s in each city, including locally recommended restaurants, bars, attractions, transportation and a few hidden gems to make the most of their one, two, or three day getaway.

Hotwire’s everyday Hot Rate® deals offer one-of-a-kind savings by revealing the hotel name after you book, getting you 4-star hotels at 2-star prices and letting you book your next quickie trip without breaking the bank. For more information on how to “Make it a Quickie,” or to view the complete city index and custom itineraries, be sure to visit匆匆。hotwire.com


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